Guacamole Sauce with Avocado

Guacamole – Mexican sauce or rather even a cold appetizer made exclusively from natural gifts. The main components are avocado, lime juice, and hot pepper, but against the background of the basic composition, there are many versions with the introduction of additional ingredients that often emphasize and harmoniously dilute the combination of main products. Among all the recipes (and there are not one, not two), we will single out the most popular: the classic version, no less popular with tomatoes, and in some way improvised with bell pepper. Regardless of the selected recipe, the dominant ingredient in this green sauce is avocado the final taste and texture will depend on it to a greater extent, therefore we will definitely use only ripe saturated fruits.

Guacamole classic recipe with avocado and lime juice

To begin with, we suggest considering the most basic, classic guacamole recipe. A pasty sauce is prepared from crushed (pounded) components with the addition of citrus juice, a small amount of oil and aromatic greens. There are no exotic spices and precise, verified up to a gram of proportions. The recipe is very simple, easy to adjust and allows for variation. In this case, the indicated dosage of ingredients is not a dogma! Adhering to the main list, you can safely experiment.


  • avocado 1 pc.;
  • lime pcs.;
  • shallots small onions;
  • olive oil 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • cilantro (can be replaced with parsley) 3-5 branches;
  • chili pod (or to taste);
  • salt to taste.

How to make classic guacamole sauce

  1. Avocado washed and dried, cut in half along.
  2. Remove the bone, remove the whole pulp with a spoon, put it in a working bowl.
  3. Puree with a blender or vigorously knead with a fork to the maximum size. As mentioned in the introduction, the fruits of the avocado for the sauce should be ripe, that is, slightly soft when pressed then the oily base is malleable and easily rubbed to the desired texture. If the avocado is hard, it’s better to put it in a dark place at room temperature for a while and wait a couple of days for the fruit to ripen.
  4. Prepare all the other components of the sauce. Finely chop the cilantro or parsley (dosage to taste from a few twigs to a small bunch). Grind the fiery chili with a knife, peeling it from seeds (do not forget to wash your hands and kitchen equipment thoroughly after working with hot pepper). After peeling, finely chop the onion (the shallots can be replaced with red or white salad onions the usual onion fruit has a rather sharp taste and aroma, so it is undesirable to use it for cooking guacamole).
  5. We shift all prepared components to green puree. Add lime quarter juice, olive oil, salt. Mix the sauce thoroughly or puree again using a blender. We take the sample, adding salt, citrus juice or pepper if necessary. The severity can be adjusted at your discretion guacamole can be either bright hot or relatively neutral.
  6. The classic guacamole sauce is ready! Serve with crisps, Mexican tortillas or quesadillas. From the proportions indicated in the recipe, about 170 g of the finished sauce is obtained.